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October 26, 2007

At the 2007 SWAFS meeting in Austin, it was decided that because of a series of problems,  SWAFS would change to a new type of 'listserv'. 

**What is a listserv?**   

For those of you not familiar with a listserv, it provides a means for members to communicate by using a single email address.  This could be a scientific question, call for papers from the journal committee or just an update about the annual training conference.

**Why the Change**   

Our old listserv has experienced problems in the last few months.  But, the new listserv is much more stable and adds many more options!!  

**What are we changing to?**   

We will be using Yahoo! Groups.  It provides much more than just a listserv, such as posting of photos (such as an unknown drug tablet), tracking of messages for members on vacation and much more!!

**How to Join**

This group is only for SWAFS members and is open by invitation only.  After the moderator sends you and invitation, you will need a Yahoo! Groups ID,  If you don't have one, you will be prompted to create an ID and Password.

Towards the end of the invitation process, there will be an opportunity to verify which email to use.  There will probably be two, one of which should be what is on record with SWAFS.  It is best to have that email selected.  Don't pick the “yahoo” email unless that is your primary email address.

After joining, you will receive a set of instructions for posting an email and for doing other things.

New email is: 

  • NO SPAM - Unlike normal email addresses, the SWAFS list-serve will reject emails of non-subscribers.
  • The SWAFS listserve is one of the benefits of being a member. If you have a scientific/technical question about your field, Interest in what instrumentation others use, interpretation question, can ask your fellow SWAFS members. You will have access to many veterans of the field. All you have to do is ask.
  • Be sure to include text in the subject line, or the system will reject the email.
  • Currently (December 2005) there are over 300 members signed up on the list.
  • Remember, if you reply to a message, all subscribers will read your response. Although one of the benefits of a list-serve is to learn from everyone's responses, you may respond privately, just ensure is not in the To: line.

As always, is you have input, questions or any problem with the site, please contact the SWAFS Webmaster through the presidents page